Actress: Andrea Bennett (Left) and Aloma Wright (Right)

Gammy is a hymn-singing, soul-food cooking grandmother preparing one of her memorable meals for her standing 7 sharp appointment with the "man of the hour", when her daughter, Charlene, enters with a change of plans that will shake their world forever.


Block 22 - Wednesday, September 15, 2021 @6pm


"What happens in this house, stays in this house." Or should it?

When the peace of Gammy's sacred place in her home, her kitchen, is disrupted by her daughter, Charlene, things take a tumultuous turn that even her famous fried chicken and homemade lemonade may not be able to solve. 

This very ordinary family faces struggles like we all have, but after discovering a deeply sinister family secret, they must choose to conceal this as a bond of trust as they've done before or disrupt the pattern and no longer live with secrets. 

One decides that secrets are no longer welcomed at her front door and therein lies the problem. Gammy's domineering ways may not stand a chance, as Charlene has made it very clear that her passivity is a thing of the past and today is the day that she's standing up to her mother, Gammy.

7 SHARP is a film that poses timely questions about how families deal with secrets. Every family has one, but what if families decided to disrupt the pattern and began to break the status quo of what family business really looks like?


Director's Note

As a filmmaker, I've decided to tell a story. A different one...
in hopes that our film will spark a conversation amongst families to stop the secret cycle. However, we all know that breaking the status quo of family secrets can be a daunting task. So, we don't. We leave it there and face awkward Thanksgivings because that's easiest. 
But, like my mama always said, "Families have no room for secrets." 

7 SHARP challenges her theory, but it also explores how dysfunction can run a muck generationally, if you allow it. Aren't we tired of the same cycle? As 7 SHARP channels rebellion, reverence and a look into how the black experience sometimes deals with secrets, I wanted to challenge what we're taught and just go for something different! I hope you all like it. This isn't a flashy or high
maintenance film with special effects, movement and glamorous characters; it's about the story. It's filled with people that remind me of my regular family, living regular lives in Black America, USA. Can some regular black folks get some shine sometimes in cinema?  I love regular folk, so that's my focus in 7 SHARP, exploring the life of regular people and their struggles. 

Lastly, because I'm a black woman who advocates for other black women, I wanted to make sure that my story was centered around a theme that has brought historical trauma to black women and perhaps create dialogue to fix it. 

The Team



Florida native LaCora Stephens is a Florida A & M University theatre graduate. She made a name for herself on the red carpets in Black Hollywood as a journalist for Lee Bailey's EURweb and self-produced platform, The YES! Show. She is now the founder of Building Tables Productions.  This emerging creator, producer and director is known for Dating & Waiting (AfroLand TV) and Brown Paper Bag (IMDbTV). She is an ambitious independent filmmaker and content creator, with an award-winning portfolio from the past eight years that includes short films, features, talk and format shows, and an episodic series. She was selected among hundreds of applicants as a WIF mentee and currently serves as a WOC JTC List member.


Madalyn Lawson is a screenwriter from Catherine, AL. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, to break into the entertainment industry, she has worked on numerous commercials, short films, features, and television shows as a background actor as well as in production. Since Madalyn always loved watching television growing up, she decided to focus her efforts on becoming a writer. In 2017, she landed a production assistant position on a network show for CBS. After four seasons, she worked her way up the ladder and currently serves as one of the writers’ assistants.


Darin Craddolph is a filmmaker based in Pasadena, California. Darin has recently started his own video production company under DC Productions. Darin has recently been a producer and script advisor on a short film “7 SHARP”, written and directed by LaCora Stephens. Darin is currently a director and producer of a vodcast entitled Breaking the Silence of Design. The Vodcast is a talk show hosted by producers Karen Compton and Gabriel Bullock, created to begin dialogue regarding inequality and diversity in the architectural world. We are in the second season of the program which consists of 10 twenty to thirty minute episodes each season. Darin was also the DP and co-director on a seven episode web series entitled  “Emilio”, written and directed by Adina Turman. Darin has also worked on several projects past and present with playwright and Director Kosmond Russell, which include: The Sermon, The Dealership, and The Message and several other stage plays.


Sarah Winters is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. An MFA graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Sarah has 6+ years of experience in production and has shot narrative, documentary, commercial, and corporate work. In that time, she has lensed over 80 projects. As a director of photography, she seeks to create rich images that are emotionally and intellectually resonant with viewers. Inspirations include Roger Deakins and Kate Arizmendi, and hobbies are visiting her hometown (Chicago) and hanging out with her dog.


written and directed by

LaCora Stephens


produced by

Madalyn Lawson

Darin Craddolph

David Stephens

Robert O'Bryant


executive producer

LaCora Stephens



Sarah Winters



Brian Uskokovich


original music by

Jason Couse



Gammy    Aloma Wright

Charlene  Andrea Bennett

Kiki         Savannah Hicks



1st assistant camera      Naoe


location sound/audio     Eric L. Bailey, Sr.


gaffer                          Bailey Clark


colorist                        Peter Berg

sound editor                 Chase Keehn


craft services                Totress Beasley

production assistant       Totress Beasley

                                   Anthony Kinniebrew               

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