Hello, good people. Welcome to my website! I'm LaCora, a southern girl mixed with a little bit of spunk, high hopes and a love for all things Golden Girls, with a theatre degree from Florida A & M University. I'm a Believer that decided to pursue my dream by moving to California with a dollar and a dream. Okay, a little more than a dollar, but that makes the story sound so much better, right? Picture it, no, not Sicily, but Jacksonville, Fl. On an ordinary day, a little black girl spoke an extraordinary thing. She said, "I'm going to do something big with my life." So, she moved to Hollywood to create her YES!  And you know what? That little black girl was me. (shout out to VP Kamala Harris. lol) Since then, I've helped two foster youths get scholarships into college, emceed for Quincy Jones, pitched to Disney, ate French fries with the lead singer of Earth, Wind, & Fire and have interviewed the who's who of Black Hollywood.  I am Miss LaCora Stephens: a woman on a mission to help others find or create their YES!

Some know me as a Los Angeles-based entertainment reporter, producer, on-air host and recent inductee to the Women in Film program and JTC List member.

Simply put, I'm an Emerging Media Professional. After a successful career in education, I felt the need to share positive images with the world by expanding outside of the classroom.  I created and produced a unique talk show: The YES! Show, highlighting positive, family and faith friendly content and now I'm a syndicated talk show host producing programming for various networks. 

I direct and produce programming for TV, New Media and Education: daytime talk show, news on religion and celebrities, live performances, commercials and web series.  And, I dabble in writing. Currently, I'm writing my first film that will highlight her directorial debut. Man, it is hard!  Who would have thought that an English teacher would have a nemesis named Creative Writing? lol Anyway, I coordinate all phases of video production from content development to directing crews, casting, research, talent scouting, conducting in-studio, on-location and red carpet interviews, post-production editing and serves as on-camera talent.


LaCora  is also known as  CoCo!
She's won twice on
the same game show!
Her love affair with Krispy Kreme left her with 13 cavities.
LaCora is a yellow belt in karate.
She's  taught in Taiwan.
A dog bite on the bum forced LaCora to fall in love with cats!
LaCora has the best arms ever! Though, she loves the  arms of Michelle Obama and Angela Bassett!
LaCora loves the Walking Dead. When Glenn died, she almost cried. 
LaCora is currently working on a new project that will highlight her directorial debut in the art of film.

My experience entails reporting for one of the largest media wires: Lee Bailey's EURweb, that regularly breaks news and produces exclusive, unique content for radio, online portals and broadcasters. I've been sat at the helm for red carpet coverage for major entertainment events and networks including OWN, FOX, TV Land, NAACP Theatre Awards and BET Award Show. Coverage includes key features, breaking news, exclusive interviews and celebrity hot topics.

Outside of entertainment, I continue a role in education teaching English as a second language to students in Taiwan. I have produced content for the school such as a full series of music videos for the kindergarten department. Prior to that, my pilot program "Fostering Images" was picked up by Pasadena Unified School District's after school program LEARNs. Enjoying the media aspect of my program which a final fashion show directed by me and an edited video of process and fashion show itself, I honed my skills in production and it has led me to where I am now. And a speeding ticket also helped, but that's another story for another day.  lol