Episode 001: "What Are We Doing Wrong?”, introduces three siblings: Cole, Chastity & Geneva, chopping it up about sex and marriage which begins to open Pandora’s Box!

Episode 002: "Exhibit A, B and C” Sisters, Chastity & Geneva, explore why they're having trouble in "paradise" as they reflect on their love lives.

Episode 004: "Was it Worth It?"

The wait is no longer sexy, but more frustrating for sisters Geneva and Chastity. As they struggle through their process of "dating themselves", one can't help to wonder if it was worth it.


Dating & Waiting takes you on a hilarious journey following two polar opposite sisters, Geneva and Chastity, who decide to take the road less traveled: abstinence.

The series was created by LaCora Stephens. Co-written and co-produced by LaCora Stephens, Candice Lenoir and Ajoke' Adebesin and directed by Lawrence Saint-Victor.

Dating & Waiting is an official selection of the DTLA Film Festival's 10th Anniversary Screening

Episode 003: "The Pact" Sisters, Chastity and Geneva, face off and get real with their sex lives. What ensues is a very interesting pact.

Synopsis: Dating & Waiting Is A Provocative Christian Prospective to Web Series. It follows the journey of two sisters as they take the road less traveled: abstinence. The wait is sexy!