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I Appreciate You! >

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Three seasons into The YES! Show and we're only getting better!  Please pray for a balanced, positive and successful mega growth where people are inspired to use their gift to glorify God. I appreciate you!

A Word of Thanks from our Executive Producer

I Thessalonians 5:18 - In all things, give thanks.



Thanks a million for supporting The YES! Show!  There could be a number of reasons why you supported.  Whether it's our vision, our guests, our segment co-host or me, perhaps the idea to cultivate more programming for the Kingdom and highlight  authors, actors, dancers, name it! Whomever glories God, we have a place for you. We strive to show the church, the world, that our faith is composed of ALL giftings. So your contribution will keep it our show running with edits, marketing, publicity and more households. And, with that, I say THANK YOU!

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