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  • LaCora Stephens

I Almost Confronted Ice Cube, But...

It's bad enough to be a struggling actress, but when you add black and female to the equation it's just all kind of wrong. Before you, the audience, get a chance to see some of the racist and stereotypical depiction on the golden screen, we actors read the scripts in advance and audition for them. Sometimes as actors we don't see the racism at first because some auditions are cold reads. Meaning, you won't get the script until you get there. Some scripts you get in advance and that's how you can really put a movie or company on blast.

Like that time when Acura wanted a light-skinned Black man or when a casting office wanted an Asian guy with a very small penis or that time when Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's overrated film "Straight Outta Compton" described dark skinned women as Grade "D", poor with weave in their hair. Yes, I know...THEY TRIED IT! What's that? Grade A you're wondering? Well of course they requested: White, Indian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Mixed and/or African American with long natural hair and fair skin. Huh? You say you want to know about Grade B? Sure! Thanks for asking. They mentioned Beyonce' as the Grade B prototype. Yes they did! I'm not lying. Straight Tripping right? I wonder if the #beehive knew about this what they would say. Or for that matter, Jay-Z or Solange? Chile, we know Solange would have put those paws on them jokers! Okkaayyyy!!! Seriously though, people still went out to support it. As if the way Dre treated Michel'le wasn't enough to sit the film out...Chile please!

So after seeing the breakdown myself and applauding Wendy Williams for putting them fools on blast, I saw one of them jokers on an airplane. Ice Cube was sitting and relaxing in first class. I wanted to disturb "The Good Day" he was having, know what I'm! But I was like, he's not worth it. He doesn't get it because when confronted about it they tried to blame casting as if they don't get orders from productions. I explain the whole situation in depth in the video below. Check it out if you have ten minutes to spare. You can see the break down in black and white yourself, along with the others I mentioned.

This gives me more fuel to create my own content. I should be thanking them huh? Yes, if I see either of them fools on a red carpet I'm going to let them know how they motivated me!

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