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Blue Skies and Big Opportunities!

Can you say Hallelujah! Why? Because I booked a gig as a TRAVEL HOST and it was GREAT! God blessed me with a big opportunity to travel to some of His beautiful creations on someone else's dime. I took the time to capture photos to share with you. Take a look!

I'm talking Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Dominican Republic. The beauty was breathe taking! Do you see the water in the picture below? You're looking at one of my favorite islands, Grand Turk. I liked it because it was simply relaxing. So tall building upon buildings. No long travels from the port. Just a lot of green grass, blue water and black smiling faces.

This spot is just a five minute walk from the port. Do you see the sky, the clean beige sand? I had to jump for joy like I was in FAME!

I opted for a one piece that still had a little spice. Islands are known for their spices! lol

This lemon lime mix just screams vacation to me. Enough said.

My next favorite island was Puerto Rico. Cobble stone streets lined with bright architecture led the way to tantalizing cuisine. When you walk the streets immediately your senses come alive. I had a chance to make my own authentic mofongo in the picture below. I know, say it with me: Mo-Fon-go. It's a mashed mound of plantains mixed with garlic butter, which a combination of seafood, meat, or vegetables are added. I added chicken to mine and it was so tasty. It lacked spice though. Puerto Rico isn't big on "hot". I tried adding hot sauce, but it was diluted with a sweet taste.

The building to the right is the smallest home in Puerto Rico. Unlike Americans, they buy homes by the windows, not rooms. This home only has one window and one door. They built it in an alley so it isn't as tall as its neighbors. Either way, I think it's pretty cute. You?

This photo is great because you get a feel of what the homes really look like. Notice the brightness? Now, you can't choose any color, it must be approved by government. They have a catalog of colors for you. The cobble stone streets. I mentioned them earlier. Do you see that? Nice right?

The last two islands were St. Thomas and Dominican Republic. St. Thomas, was really nice, a bit crowded, but very very friendly people. And a lot of diamonds. DR was...okay. I don't know. The island offered beautiful all inclusive resorts, but it simply lacked something special. Every where we went seemed to be a long drive with scenery of landfills and vacant homes. Nothing to write home about in my opinion.

When I wasn't on an island I was living the life on the cruise honey! lol. They treated me like a star. Every day I opened my cabin to a surprise like: chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, wine, cheese tray, cookies and more! I had give some baskets away and then put a "do not disturb" sign on my door to stop the over flow! Wow...isn't that something. I want to continue to live life in a way that God blesses me soooo much that I have to give it away to other people or put a "DND" sign on my door. #PraiseGod

How did I booked the gig without an agent you ask? Well, someone noticed my talent from a red carpet event and invited me to audition! We did a test tape, they liked me and from there I traded in celebrities for blue skies and sandy beaches! #Awesomeness

Here are a few photos to glance at before I leave you with this word:

Psalm 90:17 “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”


Tim, The Producer

Noli, Carnival Guide

LaCora, The Host

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