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MY GAWD!! The Dead Has Arisen!

You ever sensed that because something went so horribly wrong, though it was backed with beautiful intentions, it had no choice but to spring its way back to positive? #AllThingsAreWorkingForMyGood

During a recent post, I screamed at the top of my lungs how I was gracious and humbled to fail. How my failure only made me stronger and wiser. Well, what I didn't know was that it would resurrect itself like Lazarus. In the voice of Danny Glover's father from The Color Purple, "The dead has arisen.". HA! Y'all know that reference? I hope so, The Color Purple is a classic. Watch it this weekend for old times sake, why don't you.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand. I was recently featured in the popular newspaper: LA Sentinel. This was the second time, Southern California's largest and most read African-American influential newspaper has highlighted my projects. The first was for my talk show: The YES! Show: Young, Entertaining & Saved! I remember that like yesterday! I was so nervous and excited. It was my very first newspaper coming to cover, ME! I was like, "Is this the start Lord?" You have to ask because sometimes you're not aware that you're in the moment. You have to remember moments like this. I get pretty excited about a lot, so it's not hard to put a smile on my face. Y'all see how big my smile was in the newspaper?

It's a new season, new time and new project. It's all about my short film: Dating & Waiting. As the one who came up with the story...well, let me break it down. In TV're known as the creator. In film land, you're known as "Story by". The idea started off as a web-series, which led into a short film from the idea of one of my film partners. She mentioned, it would be less expensive to shoot one film instead of a continued web-series. I agreed. So at times, I still focus on the word phrase "created by" because I still have ideas to turn it into a series. Take a look below and tell me if you would want to see more of a story like this.

Seems like a lot of fun right? I'm smiling, I look bubbly, but let me tell you something..this project went left real quick. So, I thought...let me leave it where it is, as a mediocre film, with potential to be great. But then a fellow Rattler shared something with me. He said, "Let it sit and support it even though you don't feel too excited about it. You never know what could happen." I paraphrased there, but you get the gist. I let it sit and now I'm featured. I've since booked two roles after this project. One on a cable network and the other as a lead in a film. I didn't think I could even act anymore after seeing myself in this film! lol! You would understand if you produce, write and act in a film. I could barely memorize my lines. CRAZY Right? Well, I realized that just because people are around you telling you, you're not this or that, the truest friends you can have at that time is determination and faith. BOOM!

No matter how real the level of pettiness, ugliness or ignorance gets...LET IT SIT...

and watch what happens!

Psalm 110:1 The LORD says to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet." .

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