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3 Amazing Things "We're the Campbells" Taught Me!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Summer 2018 is a new beginning for me. I've been debating to hit the reset button on The YES! Show for some time. After deep thought, several requests from prospective guests and a random email, I decided to give my old brand a YES! I'll have another blog dedicated specifically on my journey of YES! past to present. Anyways...

God is so good because the first event is reflective of what the brand is: faith based entertainment. Let's get into it, shall we?

TV One is set to premiere its latest original docu-series, WE'RE THE CAMPBELLS on Tuesday, June 19 at 8pm. ET/7C. The nine episode docu-series will give viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of Gospel entertainment power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell, as they tackle the everyday struggles that come with balancing family and work, nurturing their marriage, building their individual careers, and fostering their faith; all while raising their three children Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista.

Now that we've got the press release out the way, take one minute to tweet those dates and share this blog! Here's a picture you can use!

The red carpet premiere was lit with artist like B. Slade, MAJOR., Shanice, Nathan Davis Jr. and fellow cast members Goo Goo Atkins and JoiStarr. And before you ask, Tina was not on the red carpet. That's right, this is not a Mary Mary party. One Mary don't stop no show. lol...Y'all like how I did that? Sidebar: it's a play on an old southern saying. Teehee!

Back on track...I got a chance to talk to the executive producers and stars of the show: Warryn and Erica and I walked away with three quotable phrases. If you agree, be sure to tweet and use the hashtags: #WeretheCampbells #TVOne and #theYESshow.

#1. If God Created Anything Better Than Sex, He must have left it in heaven!

YES!!! I have never heard anything like that before and frankly, I liked it! It made me laugh! Erica said, "God is love. Why should she feel embarrassed by that.?"

Do you agree or do you feel that she went too far?

#2. Live in Your Truth.

Erica stated that there's a magic age that this comes with: 40+. You see, life changes when this age ours and you own who you are and you don't feel embarrassed or apologize for it. She went on to say, "If the package is compassionate with the intent to share, uplift and educate, why should you feel bad about that? For the many people who don't understand, God Bless You, and until the light comes on in your life, I'll Continue to Shine." #BOOM #MicDrop

#3. Be Careful When You Try to Tell People, Who Can and Can't Give God Praise.

This was Warryn's response regarding the backlash of Snoop Dogg gospel's album: Bible of Love, which by the way, scored No. 1 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums. I must admit, I was skeptical myself until I heard the single "Come As You Are" with Mary Mary and Marvin Sapp! Anyway, the star of We're the Campbells, said, "We don't have a hell or heaven to put anybody in. I don't judge anybody. If he says I love the Lord, who am I to say he doesn't?" He put me in my place when he said that. As I watched episode 1, Snoop declared, "For many years I led people in to the darkness, so why not with my platform, lead people into the Light?". That hit home for me. Some may debate that he's simply being an opportunist, but we will all have opinions, only God knows his true intentions. Agree or disagree?

If you like this article, you are going to love the video, especially if you thought it was too long. lol! You'll be able to watch a sneak peek of the trailer and exclusive interviews of the couple!

#WeretheCampbells #EricaCampbell #redcarpet

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