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Did I Help Kill My Friend?

I watched my friend die and did absolutely nothing about it. Fear wouldn't allow me to tell this story until now. This, is a true story.

Have you ever seen life escape one's body right before your eyes? In 2017, the answer is probably, yes. Millions watched as Eric Garner's life was squeezed from his neck on a hard concrete in New York. Cops killed him. And the world did absolutely nothing about it. After the chants and protests, life went back to usual, right? My story is a little different. It was only four of us who watched her die. There was a van, drugs, alcohol and the breeze of the cool dark night on our skin.

Her name was Kim.


LaCora Stephens in "The Coroner"

More of this story has been broadcast on the ID Network, where I booked a supporting role in an reenactment show. This is sad and exciting at the same time, you see. It was brought to my attention that people who commit crimes like this are crazy. But society, we sit, enjoy and become entertained by their stories. Hollywood becomes rich by reliving their death for viewership. While the families relive over and over again. Sad, right? Yet, here I am blogging about my new gig. #Torn


Skin Deep/Under the Skin | $1.99

Kim Granison is found fighting for her life in the middle of the street - the apparent victim of a hit and run. When she succumbs to her injuries, Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick suspects this might be more than an accident... it might be a murder.

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