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doTERRA Oils Are Giving Me Life!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Let me tell you a short story about how doTERRA Oils saved my life. Okay, wait...that's a bit dramatic. Let's start that over. Let me share a short story how doTERRA Oils have enriched my way of life! Yeah, that's much better. lol

If you're like me, you may have issues with your mind constantly thinking, ideas floating around right before bed time and restless sleep at times. That's no way to live. God told us to rest, but how can I live out that commandment when I have so many tabs open before bedtime? Good question, right? Lucky for you, I have an answer. She goes by the name of Veronica and she's my "Oil Lady".

A few months back, I went to event called the Merge Summit in Los Angeles and there was a relaxation room set up sponsored by doTERRA. BEST ROOM EVER! As soon as I walked in, the sweet aroma hugged me with bliss and kissed my eyes shut.

The scent of lavender and peppermint was so therapeutic and that's when I knew I had to have a diffuser in my life. The doTERRA rep proceeded to greet me and asked if I know the benefits of oil. She went on with many demos using the reminiscent of my time in Taiwan. I had a severe headache and my Taiwanese coworker rubbed drops of oil on my temple and my headache went away. Mind blown!! And, that, ladies and gentlemen is when my "oil lady" came into play!

Now, I walked in her consultation thinking I was going to buy one oil and one diffuser. Boy, was I wrong. lol. There are many options you can purchase from singles, kits and packages and memberships. The demo and consult was so amazing, I walked away with a membership. And, I'm so happy I did because I use my diffuser everyday as aroma therapy and ingested.

In my doTERRA UNBOXING VIDEO I chit chat about the products, the price and overall first impressions of the essential oils. Take a look and and if you like what you see, contact Veronica at any source, mention my name and she'll mail you a free sample!

1. (818) 497-8488



There are ten top mistakes to avoid to consider when you purchase. Below are the first three, but you an watch this video to see others.

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