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The Year of Self Discovery!

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

God has blessed me with the opportunity to meet many successful people. The problem is, sometimes I walk away with so many jewels, I tend to forget the abundance of footage and interviews I have. As I looked in my vault, I couldn't believe that I didn't post this fabulous interview I did with the beautiful and hilarious Britney Tankard of Bravo's "Thicker Than Water".

We all know her from her bright and fun personality, but Britney is also a Boss! A woman that's serious about her coins, crypto and cardio! Let me explain...

You see, Britney decided to say "YES" to herself and came up with a plan to execute her goals and see them come to fruition. So, you know The YES! Show had to highlight the slayage.

During our interview, Britney discusses how body and wallet transformation. Yes, games, no lies, just her formula to success. Body transformation was good old fashion workouts and healthier food choices. Wallet transformation was attributed to new media and fancy smancy tech terms like the popular "crypto currency". It's been making headlines for a couple of years now and she encourages you to get with the program.

Again, the interview was shot for a 2018 New Year Motivational Video, but it still applies for 2019. If you're seeking motivation for financial success or healthy decision, she Britney shares some great ideas! Share with a friend who needs encouragement.

What are some things you said "YES" to for 2019?

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