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Design on a Dime!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

There's a new segment in town and man is it good! The YES! Show has a number of segments: He Say, She Say; Church Glam, Red Carpet Rundowns and Gospel Entertainment News. But there's one thing that brings me joy! Decorating! I love going into Home Goods, Ross, TJ Maxx and checking out their home department even when I'm not shopping for anything. lol Am I the only person who likes to do that?

I love to be in pretty homes. I think it all started when I was a house keeper in Florida. Yes, a housekeeper. As a teenager, my mom got me and just about everyone in the family, including our friends a job at this beautiful resort along the beach. I always wanted to do a segment on design and decor, especially after many asked about how I was able to get a beautiful set on The YES! Show with such a low budget. SO, as I started season three, I decided to knock two birds out with one stone. Makeover my friend's living room and record the process for the show. Boom!

I'm always curious how a space looked before the makeover; therefore, I took some pictures and edited a video. Take a look at his before photos.

If you notice, the space is wide and spacious, but cluttered in some areas. His tv stand is a side table. His furniture is dated with the over-sized arms. The recliner simply has no business in the room if you ask me. lol. I had to throw away the recliner and sofas. I tried to donate, but they refused to accept it because there was no cushion in the arms and the hair was too dingy. So, I had to pay a worker last minute to remove furniture.

The pictures don't give true justice of his space, so I recorded the transformation and I think you'll enjoy it! (the video is below) I decided to go with a red, brown and white living room space. In the video you'll see how I decorate his drab room and make it FABUYES on a budget! In this segment, I take a rented apartment living room and gives it an extreme makeover with DIY projects and more to give my client aka friend, the space he's been wanting!

Here are the after photos.

Red elephant picture sets the color palette

(brown sofa with red accents)

Brown and Red Living Room
Brown Sofa with Red Accents

The client specifically stated that he did not want a beige, gray or blue sofa, so that slimmed my options. So, I opted for a brown sofa instead of a red or wine color he had before. The brown sofa is a great base color and masculine. Because he likes color, I decided to use it as an accent instead of the core foundation. Sometimes the color red can be so harsh and overwhelming, especially as a sofa or couch. So, accents include red pillows, red curtains, red area rug and red artwork. If you feel it is too much, the red carpet or curtain can get lost! lol.


My biggest tip for others redecorating their place is to draw a simple floor plan. See my mini drawing below. Isn't it cute? lol

A floor plan helps immensely because you won't spend too much time moving a bunch of things around. You can see it, before you put extra or unneeded time into a project.

Without further ado, here is the video on my YouTube channel:

#makeover #diy #FABUYES

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