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The YES! Show | S3E1 | Memory Lane: Premiere Episode

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The YES! Show: Memory Lane | Season 3 Episode 001

The YES! Show: Young Entertaining & Saved! is back!! YAY!!

Join me as Season 3, Episode 001 of The YES! Show take a walk down memory lane. We discover how The YES! Show was started, look at memorable guests, fun segments and what's to come on Season 3! Take a look at Season 3, Episode 001: Memory Lane! Spread the word and see you next Sunday for another upload!

CONTEST: As mentioned in the video, tag three names below and tell them to share. Do this on IG, FB and/or YouTube, and be entered for a chance to win a special surprise mailed to you. U.S. residents only. Deadline, 04/01/2019.

#theYESshow #LaCoraStephens

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