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Tasha Smith Opens Up About Past Addiction You Won't Believe

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

The YES! Show Interviews Tasha Smith.

A lady never tells "all" her secrets...or does she? According to the Hollywood teacher, actor and director, Tasha Smith, it never hurts to share a little something. Smith is known for her roles on Empire and a string of Tyler Perry projects. Recently she has Hollywood buzzing with her great work as a director. Hats Off from The YES! Show, Tasha! However, during the recent winter TCA press tour in Pasadena, TV One showcased the return of their popular series: UNCENSORED. Executive Producer, Keith Neal of Swirl Films was in attendance, along with DL Hughley and Tasha Smith.

We spoke to Tasha about a few things like mental health, which we'll highlight later, for now it's about her choice to bare her soul to the world...okay that's a little too dramatic, let's just say share

her #uncensored story...see what I did there? Because I haven't been privy to see her full episode, I'm unsure of everything she's going to share, but I was privy to witness Smith stand boldly in her truth answering all the hard questions. She spoke candidly about something I never knew... addiction. Not sure about you, but did you know the beautiful, talented and strong Tasha Smith struggled with addiction? An addiction you won't believe.

"I feel like my story and journey can be inspiring to someone going through something."

Tasha Smith opened up about her past addiction that currently Wendy Williams is speculated of using. I'm sure we've heard the word on the street about the infamous talk show host living in a sober house. Most assume because of her husband's cheating and beating. But I digress. What the two may have in common is: cocaine. I know...crazy, right? Who would have thunk it? Not me. Tasha mentioned, "I've had an interesting journey...I've overcome a lot. I'm about empowering people to pursue their purpose in life, whatever that may be. And, I feel like my story and journey can be inspiring to someone going through something. Honesty and truth can help set someone free. It was an opportunity for me to do that and share my personal testimony." Which she is correct. Just like Wendy Williams, transparency helps. Being in your forties also helps. She exclaimed that "I don't care. I'm 47 years old. Whether your truth is good, bad or ugly, be authentic and tell the truth." Great advice.

For more details, and hear more comments from the lovely Tasha Smith, watch video below:

Episode airs 03/31/19 on TV ONE. Check for local listings.

#theYESshow #TVOne #Uncensored #TashaSmith

#TashaSmith #TVOne #Uncensored #addiction

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