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2020 REWIND of The TOP 20 Church Moments!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Have you noticed that our beloved Christian community is filled with so much personality? Some of the things I've witnessed, you can't make-up, so I had to share with you in my Top 20 of 2020 Church Moments List. We all know that some of our fellow "saints" can be a little unpredictable and radical, but some are just down right remarkable, talented and giving. While others give you the heebie-geebies. Am I lying? Have you looked into the eyes of Kenneth Copeland? Legend has it that if you do so for too long, you may turn into stone. I kid, I kid. Or do I? ...Hmmm, be careful if you go googling. lol

Any who, it didn't matter what 2020 brought our way, some of our fellow congregation kept petty some disregarded authority, others used their pulpit to label Black Lives Matter as a terrorist group, while very little still kept their eyes on God. It's amazing how a pandemic can expose and separate. I was able to sift through headlines of Christian news, blogs and posts and compiled a list of top 20 moments in Christianity (from my p.o.v) and share it with you. You'll watch the good, the bad, the ugly and the petty! Some highlights include: The Clark Sisters, Rod Parsley, LeAndria Johnson, Mali Music, Jamal Bryant, Paula White, Heather and Cornelius Lindsey and more! We may not agree on the order or topics, so please let me know and perhaps I can do a separate video, just comment below video.

WATCH THE 2020 REWIND on the Top 20 Moments in Christianity

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