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Again, White Evangelicals...This is White Privilege.

LaCora Stephens, executive producer of The YES! Show, presented a special series entitled: #BlackMenTalk a couple of months ago. During this panel discussion, businessman, Brod B., defined the term "white privilege". As he analyzed the term with examples, the conversation took a deep look into white evangelicals using their position, power and pulpit to tame their pews, painting a picture of peaceful BLM protestors as terrorists groups. However, all of our white evangelicals who praised Trump, have been mighty silent regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol by their peers and fellow Trump Supporters.

We had to roll the footage and definition once more with additional visual comparisons and clips to encourage our white brothers and sisters in "Christ" to speak up. The question is, will they?

Don't hold your breath.

P.S. The quotes around Christ have everything to do with the parishioners, not Jesus. Amen?

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