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Back to Business, Baby!

After a two week vacation to support loved ones' big day, I decided it was time to get back to business. I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but as executive producer of The YES! Show, I'm responsible of hiring crew, organizing, raising funds, finding locations, marketing, editing, and so much more. I have a small team on production day, but pre and post production is primarily me, myself and I = #beyonce. lol. Unlike the "Queen B", I don't have all the funds to manage crew, team members AND function socially on media and marketing the way we should.

Therefore, I decided after three seasons of self-funding, that a fundraiser was suitable; it's time. I Need Help!

The goal is to cover the following:

Editing software =$20 month (12)/$240

Editor = $300 per show

Director of Photographer = $300 a day

Audio = $250 a day

Location = $700 a day

Commercial/teaser edits $130 each(3)/$390

Makeup = $100 day

Wardrobe = $300

Marketing/Packaging =$500

Photographer = $150

Miscellaneous (crafts, parking, etc) = $150

These expenses are top of the line and below. Hear me...I have invested in myself, my dream and my purpose for some time now, but I'm humble to know when to ask for help.

Big THANK YOU to those that have already contributed as prior donors like Munnie Irone, Mr. Lee Bailey who highlighted the program in EURweb, past sponsors like Olive Garden and Carpet One, and of course my original team. Notable team members are people like Ariel Kirkland, Ian Starks,

La Sharee Knox, Robert Mitchell, Chavel Devine and more. They've done amazing work to catapult me to where I am now. THANK YOU GUYS!

And thank you for current contributors. I have a total of five contributors and one who committed as a YES! Show Partner, contributing $10 a month! God is so Good! Right?

If you want to join this amazing partner and give YES! "a cup of coffee" each month; that would be a huge blessing! Just sacrifice a cup of coffee and contribute those funds our way. What do you say?

Still not convinced? Watch this video I put together as my editing software was breaking down on me. lol

#theYESshow #fundraiser

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