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Bravo TV's Hottest Couple, #CHill, Talk New Book "Open Mike", Wedding and RHOA.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

When you mention the word: Real Housewives Atlanta, there's bound to be something juicy, fabulous and down right, debatable around the corner. My recent interview with 10 year veteran of the show, Cynthia Bailey and her Emmy Award Winning Journalist fiancee, had a lot to say about his new book, "Open Mike", her new partnership with Ambi, their upcoming wedding and of course RHOA 12.

This beautiful couple is dripping with so many hashtag #goals, it was hard for me to start, so I played it safe by asking what so many fans want to know about, their love and upcoming wedding. In the video below (in partnership with EURweb, Cynthia and Mike alluded to the trouble and aggravation most couples are having during the quarantine, but assured me that, "We're Stilllllllll Together." A play on words from the popular sketch on In Living Color, the couple smiled and went on about their wedding. The biggest thing that surprised me was their EPIC and CLEVER litmus test to vet their wedding guest list. Some may disagree with it, but I loved it. Watch below and tell me your thoughts.

I try to be Cynthia "Cheekbone" Bailey, but #50Cynt aka Cynthia "Pretty Thug" Bailey is always on deck when needed.

Most of my subscribers wanted to know about RHOA, so we talked about it, honey. They both talk on the "place of the RHOA men". They spoke on Eva's husband, Mike and I'm wondering if you agree. While you're there, listen to Cynthia's thoughts on Nene's "apology tour"...Kandi Burruss' words, not mine. Speaking of Kandi, her name is brought up in our conversation. I was shocked on what Cynthia had to say about her. If I was shocked, I'm sure you'll be shocked. Trust me! Watch video below.

"My pain can heal someone else."

As I mentioned before, you're bound to get something juicy, debatable and fabulous. Let's get to the fabulous part, Mike Hill's new book: "Open Mike". Ladies and gentleman, may I submit for your consideration, a raw and honest book that will not only provoke thought, but see that black men hold a lot of unhealed trauma inside. Mike admitted that he didn't know how to love because he wasn't in love with himself. That takes a lot of courage to admit. He continues by saying, "A friend told me not to publish because it could ruin his career." He understood that speaking on his infidelities, the domestic violence he witnessed and his step-father being a real life hitman, may seem ugly, but "My pain can heal someone else." Beautifully stated. In case you didn't know, Mike has been a journalist for over 20 years, interviewing some legends in sports. But this may be his greatest conversation yet. He stated that the book was meant to be a therapeutic memoir to himself, but something within, said, no, that isn't enough. I'll be releasing more individual videos of Mike's thoughts on manhood, as those are powerful enough as stand alones. Keep in mind, that we love you black men. If you're hurting inside, or wondering about his career path or lessons in love, check out this book. Ladies, Cynthia urges women to get the book, too. She wrote the foreward and laughs about how she wishes every man came with a book, so we can see if we are interested or not, child. I concur! You hear me. But since I'm in television and film, I'd rather watch a trailer so I can see if I'm about to waste my mine, cause these jokers are good at pretending. Okayyy!!

Alright guys, gotta go, but thank you for the read. Please share both videos with family and friends and tag anyone exec you know so I can get up in these rooms and book more hosting gigs, ya dig?


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