• LaCora Stephens

Dave Ramsey Finally Breaks Silence on Injustice of #GeorgeFloyd

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

The Question is, "Do You Agree?"

Dave Ramsey is always on his soap box tackling Financial Peace with the King of Peace, helping one caller at a time on his podcast. He's not afraid to call out stupidity, ignorance or foolishness to anyone. He constantly refers to the bible when guiding his followers to freedom, but he was very silent of God's Word when the world sat front and center of the unjust murder of George Floyd.

I actually sat at home thinking, praying and talking to God about what's going on. I asked Him, "How is this going to work for our good, Lord?" In the midst of the deadliest pandemic in modern history, we are now fighting once again, the blatant murder of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. The fight is different this time. Why? Because Enough is Enough.

The question is, "Is it enough for our white brothers and sisters in Christ?" As I pondered this, I posted on Instagram tagging powerful leaders with a huge following. The three people that came to mind were: Joel Olsteen, Joyce Meyers and Dave Ramsey. Well, low and behold, all three of them actually shared something the following day. All of them. But in this blog, we're only going to focus on one: Dave Ramsey. As an avid follower, and customer, I was interested and excited about his voice in the matter because he can be so radical, smart, and direct with his message. Unfortunately, his response was lack luster.

Dave Ramsey's response to #BlackLivesMatter and George Floyd wasn't his best moment. He didn't even spell George's name correctly.

His followers had a lot to say on the matter. As did I. Take a look below:

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