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Mali Music Goes OFFFFFFFF!

What happens on IG LIVE doesn't necessarily stay there. But when those emotions hit like Carl Thomas (only my old 90's RnB fans will get that) and passion resides, it's hard to control. I'll preface this report by stating that this is no means a way to ridicule, "protect" Mali, nor a means to make light of the matter. As a huge fan, I'm here to simply report and give a neutral rundown of the 5 W's. I'm unsure what I witnessed, but I did stop in my tracks and prayed for the brother.

On Saturday, January 9, Grammy nominated artist and brilliant talent, Mali Music, had a lot of people concerned. Most weren't bothered and chopped it up to passion, joy or transparency. While others thought he was on what most church folks call: Reefer. You may know it as Mary Jane, Marijuana, Weed, Cush...or that Oooh-Weeee.

In his two and a half hour IG ramble, as he describes, viewers witnessed an open dispute with one of his "friends" about money; questionable remarks regarding fan loyalty and support for Bill Cosby and R. Kelly; and a couple of clap-backs to commenters asking if he was high on weed.

As you watch the footage, he poses a very valid question for his critics: "If you don't know me, and I don't know you, what standard are you upholding me to? Your dry husband? Your dry and empty Granddaddy? Who?" Mali was coming with the fire and mentioned how he can no longer ignore or pacify direct public comments that are accusatory, because if gone unaddressed, it seems like a means of admittance. So he did what any young black man with a little bit of hood in him would do when pushed in the corner: He Went Offfffffff!

There was a moment where we witnessed a public dispute about money with a friend named Mason. Mali mentioned that he was a great bass player, but Mason mentioned that Mali spent all his money and was mad that he had to pay him what he was due. The comment section came for ole Mason and it didn't end well. However, this wasn't the biggest "pearl clutcher". No ma'am. Most people, including myself raise our eye brows for a good two minutes when Mali mentioned how fans cease support if moral boundaries are crossed from their beloved artist. He named Bill Cosby and R. Kelly and things got real. Well, it had already been real, but at this point, it was a little weird, (for me). But what wasn't weird, is the point where Mali Music publicized his hurt. This world is a mess right now and we are all hurting in some way. We tend to forget that celebrities are going through tough transitions as well. If we can have a not so great day and flip some tables, why can't he? The question is, are all of his words and actions justifiable? Watch the video and share your thoughts below.

More about Mali Music: Four-time GRAMMY® nominated artist, composer, and producer Mali Music released his fifth album, Book of Mali, which was released in a partnership between Mali’s imprint, K Approved Enterprises and RCA Inspiration on August 14, 2020. His fourth grammy nod is for his recent collab with Jonathan McReynolds for - "Movin' On".

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