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Special Series: #BlackMenTalk

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Too many names. Too many murders. Police Brutality. Health Pandemic. Uncertainty. Confusion. Chaos. As Christians seek solace in church, some are found to be discarded and ignored. Their feelings aren't valid. They're victims and they've caused their own pain. Some churches have made this painfully clear, while others are trying new tactics to help overturn the demise and slow decline of what was once the only means to hope. We're at a tipping point and the church can't be found. Most are silent while others are taming their pew and a growing few demonize one of the biggest movements that have made their mark known around the world.

All around the globe, the world chanted "Black Lives Matter". The YES! Show felt the need to have a candid discussion on race, religion and social justice with an esteemed panel of all black men because, they are the biggest target throughout this on-going fight. As we witness first hand the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement, we must discuss Christianity & Black Lives Matter, White Privilege, White Silence, Kingdom vs. Politics, Where is the Black Church and as Christians, where should we stand?


#BlackMenTalk features Brod Boyd, Benjamin Carlton, James Farr, W. Earl Sparrow, Ryan M. Beal and Darin Christopher. All are critical thinkers, men of the community, men of faith and more specifically black men that care about the progress of our people.


  • Brod Boyd is a Business Owner and Social Scientist. Brod dedicates his time to help communities. He serves on the board for one of the oldest predominantly black private schools in Atlanta  BCJA founded in 1906. 

  • James Farr is a Journalist and Producer. He is the host of the critical and provocative talk the "Conversation Live"

  • Earl Sparrow is a Community Advocate and Organizer. He is an advocate for his people, his culture and a proud FAMU graduate. 

  • Benjamin Carlton is an Actor, Benjamin Carlton Actor, Minister, Co-Founder of BMe Community from Philadelphia, PA. Benjamin is an alum of the iconic Florida A & M University, he advocates for a better America and fights for the rights and fair treatment of the Black and LGBTQ communities.

  • Ryan M. Beal is an Elder. He is a man that loves God, and believes in being an example of love and not hate.

  • Darin Christopher is a Christian, Father, Self-Employed Business Man. Professional experience in law enforcement and personal protection

During Juneteenth I hosted a special series covering Church & The Racial Divide, Racial Trauma and Mental Health along with videos covering my personal experience as a Christian with Los Angeles Black Lives Matter Movement. Recently, I received a lot of feedback displaying a great divide with Christians. Bible toting and thumping Believers. Pastors. Evangelicals and Parishioners. And, you know what? They were all stating that BLM is a dangerous and demonic group. Some provided links of their pastor discussing BLM in the pulpit as parishioners paralyzed on their pew regurgitating the same message via social media. A lot of them hide their hate behind the bible like Pastor Mike Mazzalongo of Choctaw Church of Christ. His sermon left me in shock. He mentioned Black Lives Matter and George Floyd in his sermon, using them to draw attention to abortion in the Black community. He went on to say, "Don’t give me your crocodile tears and your phony outrage when some small time crook or some gang banger is killed while being arrested." I would add the clip but it has since been removed from the church's website. He, like others, are the pastors that scream USA, Anti-Abortion, yet display no love of Jesus, and support someone that bears no resemblance to any fruits of the spirit in which the bible speak of. Or...maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm right, this is the problem. Our non-black Christian brothers and sisters need to wake up. This panel is their wake-up call.

I'm open to hear, listen and learn from these intelligent black men.

For there is wisdom in a multitude of counsel. Prov. 11:14

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