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The Complexity of NeNe's "Apology Tour" and Why Viewers Should Be Fair With Kenya

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Why this housewife is getting flak for confronting harsh truths and complicated friendships.

Nene Leakes' critics are making light of her maturity to step up to the plate and mend broken relationships with her cast mates. Unfortunately, some of those critics happen to be the very people she's seeking resolve. While others like, Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey's fiancée, is stating, if we're going to give credit to NeNe, we must give Kenya credit too. Let's get into it.

If you tuned in to RHOA S12 E24 aka Reunion, Pt. 1. you're quite aware of the NeNe vs. Kandi's probably embedded in your brain, b*#$%. (see what I did there?) If not, then you missed part 2 of the reunion too...which displayed shouting, explicit language and of course, shade. Which...I have to get this off my chest. Has RHOA been reduced to only shade and reads? As I prepared for my interview with Cynthia Bailey, housewife legend with ten years on the franchise, I saw hundreds of comment regarding who had the best read. Things like, "I lived for Porsha's read." "Kenya's reads gave me life." Really? THIS gives give life? Sis, if that's all you need to live, you ain't living for much. I also noticed criticism of fan fav and original housewife, Nene, trying to heal fractured friendships. I just don't get it. Like who are these people writing these comments? I have a lot of questions, but I'll just stick with the topic.

Kenya has never "dragged" me anywhere.

My concern is centered on why people consider NeNe weak or fake for trying to move forward in a mature way. Since I had one of her closest friends on, I had to ask her thoughts on the matter. We know that Cynthia is a reflection of class, empathy, and kindness on the show and that's why I love her. Plus, those cheekbones had me at hello, honey. We all can agree that she respects everyone. But, when pushed in a corner, she always has her alter ego, #50Cynt on deck. And we can't be mad at that. 50Cynt actually made an appearance in the interview firmly stating for the record that Kenya has never "dragged" her anywhere. There's a difference of going too far and dragging someone. I totally agree with this. During Reunion, Pt. 2, she stated my thoughts perfectly. "We are a sisterhood. However, dysfunctional, it is a sisterhood." Which is true. So, when NeNe posed the question, "Are we suppose to continue to stay in this position?" after Kandi shaded her with the "apology tour" comment, I found NeNe question to be very valid. I love Kandi, I simply found the comment to be unnecessary.

Andy, the host, even mentioned, "Even in the worse of times between the two of them, NeNe has always advocated for Kenya to be on the show." This was revealed on Reunion Pt. 3. NeNe even tried to extend several olive branches to all cast members. And I can appreciate that. What I don't appreciate is the pleasure on Andy's face to see these beautiful, educated and powerful black women go so low. The only word that I can think of that was thrown around heavily in E26 is pawn. Andy is living his best life while these women continue to degrade each other. I can't support that anymore. Not that I was a regular fan because I don't believe in paying for cable, but that's a another story. But you get my point.

Before I display the video, I'll leave you with this:

"I'm here for spiritual journeys, healing and moving on".

I'm here for spiritual journeys, healing and moving on", said Cynthia. I just wish we all had that mentality, but for the majority of the Housewives fans, it's definitely a no. Watch the video below and see Cynthia's thought on the matter.

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