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The YES! Show | S3E12 | Christians in Hollywood

The YES! Show | Season 3 Episode 012 | Christians in Hollywood: Sex, Witchcraft, Violence and Profanity with Robert C. Mitchell and Amber Love.

It's so hard being a Christian in Hollywood. Trust me, I know. I decided to bring two other entertainers along this discussion to gain their insight on the matter. Segment Co-Host Robert C. Mitchell and Host/Entrepreneur Amber Love, give their take on Christian Celebrities AND our role in the matter.

You see, Christians Stars are constantly judged to uphold their morals with perfection by their viewers and pressured to use foul language among other things that don't reflect their faith from the industry.

Well, this episode covers three important aspects of Christians in Entertainment:

1. Should we, as Christians, engage in non-Christian entertainment?

2. Should we allow our children to consume animations like Harry Potter?

3. Should Christians like Denzel Washington, Matthew Mcconaughey, Meagan Good accept roles that include nudity, sex, violence or profanity?

A lot of Christian artists seem to face a lot of opposition from Hollywood and their fellow Christians, somewhat labeling them as the middle child or step child of society. Is that okay to say? No offense to step children. Or, any middle children (I'm one myself). lol

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