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The YES! Show | S3E10 | Michael "Sensei MJ" Lassiter

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

We're so excited about this episode! Friend of the show, Sensei MJ, or Michael Lassiter, if you're feeling, stopped by the show to discuss a very prestigious honor and other announcements. However, I had to get the latest tips in self defense before he headed back to New York to work on more films and protect the world, one kick at a time.

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Hi my name is LaCora! I'm a beauty newbie, but I started my channel a while back highlighting the young, entertaining and saved of Hollywood. Now as I enter into 2019, I want to share my unbiased honest reviews and demos on beauty, hair, lifestyle and tech products. I am not a makeup artist but love to try new products and share my experience, especially for red carpets, interviews and tv appearances. I'm in my mid 30's, single and have hundreds of Taiwanese children. lol. Why? Because I'm a teacher. Sorry, I'm not bilingual and don't speak the language; however, I know a few phrases and words. I work part time as an educator, as I pursue my dream in entertainment. Aside from being an awesome teacher and emerging media maven, I find myself on YouTube having fun and uploading every SUNDAY!!! At least, that's the plan for 2019! Thanks for all the support and love! XOXO

May God bless you and keep you safe, healthy, happy and loved for this new year!!


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