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Transphobia and the Church

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Unfortunately, some see this as an accurate depiction of church.

Well, well, well...it seems as if the church is getting their signals crossed when it comes to the love for the LGBTQ community. On another note, there have been many wins with our alphabet brothers and sisters. And, we the black community, have shown support for LGBTQ, yet reciprocation from their members to support Black Lives have been null and void. After all, don't we all matter?

Perhaps we don't, despite that it's 2019, we are still seeing black men shot down like animals in the street with little to no support from the church, LGBTQIA, leaders, politicians,...which, can I add that it's strange how the conservatives fight so hard for pro-life, saving babies from abortion, but once that baby is grown and shot in the back four times with cuffs one, they could care less about it. The irony.

But, I digress. Or, have I? The fact of the matter is, no matter how you slice it, we're missing love, from all parts. Jesus told us to love. You ever thought about how the old testament was filled some rough stuff. Like, God didn't play. But it seems as if He even changed his approach, by sending His son, Jesus...to love.

I read an article from Medium.com that made some great points. It states:

Some Black male clergy — inadvertently or not — dabble in White supremacy by putting LGBTQIA discrimination and sexism into practice.Even as woke and/or “saved & sanctified” Black people claim LGBTQIA people are threats to the Black community, sexism and LGBTQIA-phobia in the Black church perpetuates heteronormative White supremacist patriarchy.

From a Christian standpoint, The YES! Show thought we should extend a bridge of love and understanding in the height of conversation based on the tragic murder of Florida Transgender woman, Bee Love, whom was found burned to death inside of her car. Our segment co-host, Robert C. Mitchell, of "He Say, She Say" is actually from the same area and knows the victim's father. He was adamant about the topic and immediately felt the need to address transphobia, the community and the love that Christians must display.

Watch the video for more information:

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