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TvOne: The Bobby DeBarge Story Cast Responds to Being DRAGGED by Internet.

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Think you know the story of the DeBarge family? Think again. While making this very dramatic film, the cast found themselves being roasted online because of their character's hair.! Not talent, but hair.

Roshon Fegan, Blue Kimble and Benjamin "Bruno" Rose, speak out about the internet dragging them regarding the wigs worn in the advertisement for TV One's premiere of "The Bobby DeBarge Story". A powerful story, by the way, that you MUST tune into on June 29th. This Original Movie explores the tumultuous life of R&B singer, Bobby DeBarge, former lead singer of Switch and the eldest sibling of Motown’s renowned pop group DeBarge.

As Rose mentioned, back then, people didn't have high standards of lace-fronts, so they kept it realistic! Kimble added that everything had to be official because, "If not, the fans will tear you apart, so when you watch, it'll all come together. I did, and he was right! The look is on point to the late 70's and early 80's. Rose, elaborated on the layering of the story and drama. As you watch, you won't even notice the wigs. It's merely a footnote. The star of the film, Roshon Fegan, delve into the message, which I'm sure will convince everyone to tune in. Either way, whether you agree with their hair or not, I'm sure you'll love the story. BLACK VIEWS MATTER in the words of Blue Kimble. And it's worth every minute. Fegan has some incredible moments in the original film. There's a dynamic scene where he confronts his mother played by Tyra Ferrell (Poetic Justice). But, don't take my word for it! Tune in on TV ONE and hashtag:

#TheBobbyDeBargeStory #TVOne #theYESshow





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