Virtual Talk Show Dissecting the Dating Advice of Social Media's Most Popular Relationship Coaches 

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LaCora is the creator of the new virtual talk show: Relationship Deep Dive.  As she navigates her way to master love, this former educator thinks this platform will be a perfect place to learn and teach others to dissect and challenge the information that popular online relationship coaches and certified experts are advising.  

Executive Producer & Host



Shaton is an ordained minister, wife, relationship counselor and creator of Transparency Relationship Chat. She enjoys reading, music, traveling and new adventures. Fun Fact - She was a guest on the "Love Connection".

Host & Holistic Counselor



Audra is a performing artist, certified life coach and Host of the I've Got Scars Baby! Podcast.

As a life coach, Audra believes that it is possible to "Turn Your Scars Into Your Superpower" but you must first acknowledge and embrace where you are in order to move forward powerfully. The work she does with her coaching clients is to help them clearly identify their goals and assist them in navigating their way through or around roadblocks.

Host & Personal Empowerment Coach


Tameka Bob, Ph.D. is founder of CTY Coaching & Personal Development, where she leads creatives into purpose beyond their featured gift. Dr. Bob is also the host of "Dr. Bob's REAL Reality" and her upcoming  virtual program for kids and adolescents "It's Okay.....To Loan Me Your Kid For an Hour." 

Resident Counselor & Personal Development Counselor


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