In addition to being an actress, LaCora Stephens, is a professionally certified educator with nine years of international experience. Teaching topics of  Vision,Self Esteem, Self Worth, Theatre, Hosting and Producing, LaCora still maintains a role in education.

She has produced content for international schools focusing on language and entertainment.  LaCora also created a pilot program "Fostering Images" which was picked up by Pasadena Unified School District's after school program: LEARNs. Enjoying the media aspect of her program, she honed her skills in production and produced her own talk show: The YES! Show.


 #40 DAY SLAY: Vision Board Party

In 2018, my world was flipped upside down. I experienced a short lived abusive marriage that challenged me about my decision making skills and what I did to manifest such ugliness. After much soul searching, exercise and the soulful repetition of Salonge's "Crane in the Sky", I had an "Aha Moment". In order for me to be ready for the new beginning of the year, I had to...get ready! Prepare.  If you're familiar with the Hispanic culture, you may consider this moment I had as: Cuarentena.  What is that? Let me explain.  This is  a period of approximately 40 days, or six weeks, during which the new mom abstains from sex and is solely dedicated to breastfeeding and taking care of her baby and herself.  Did you get that last part?  "HERSELF".  I had to get back to me before I went into the new year. I figured, I couldn't be the only one needing guidance, so I created the event!

The "#40 Day Slay" is an event where you simply prepare for your purpose by getting rid of bad habits and gaining new habits.  If you're interested in me hosting this event for your church, community group or friends, contact me and let's talk! First, take a look below of what the event consisted of.


Did 2018 go according to your best laid out plans? Statistics show that both despair and reactive depression can creep in when one thinks of unmet goals or deadlines. I mean think about it. Some have tried with their best intentions, but they've gotten burnt out, tired, frustrated and/or overworked. The truth is...if that's you, it's not too late to change habits to prepare for your purpose.

Get clarity on your life and plan your goals over lite bites and wine. We will supply all materials and tips on success... just show up!

​So, what do you say? Do you think it's the right time to get a head-start on 2019? If so, join us for the #40DaySlay Vision Board Party. This is where we follow the Rachel Hollis "Last 90 Days" model, but with a twist!

Invite a friend and network with like-minded men and women, as we all write down our vision and make it plan, to prepare for 2019!


1.) Vision Board and Supplies

2.) Tasty Lite Bites

3.) Wine and Water

4.) Strategies to Success

5.) GIveaways!!! Win a raffled prize valued at $75!

6.) Networking, Music and Fun!

*NOTE: Please bring any personal photos or images of family and friends if you would like to add those to your vision board.



Coming Soon!


Vision Board Party