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"There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.  

There are different kinds of working,

but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work." 

1 Corinthians 12:5-6

Christian Talk Show

Bible, News, Current Affairs, Celebrity
Time Slot:   Early Evening or Daytime TV
Series & Episodes:   Weekly (currently running season 3, 3 episodes)
Run Time:   21 mins
Other:   Active YouTube Channel


Hot Topics from the Christian P.O.V.

Table Talk tackles tough topics (geesh...say that three times fast LOL) that aren't always discussed in the church.  This is where we take hot topics from the street and discuss them to get different Christian takes on the matter.  Sometimes, the debate can get heated and other times, a lot of fun!  Segment can stand alone as a Christian Talk Show.  See Spec. 

Photo: Robert C. Mitchell, Shelley Meche'tte, Carl Archer, LaCora Stephens


Christian Reality-TV | TV-Mini Series | Online Series

Fashion & Beauty,  How-to & Style
Time Slot:   Daytime TV
Series & Episodes:   Weekly (currently running season 3, 4 episodes)
Run Time:   5 mins
Other:   Active Millennial Facebook Groups

Church GLAM

Get Gospel Celebrity Looks...
for Less! 

Church Glam is a five minute segment where our beautiful host, Porchia Carter, takes us on a glamorous adventure to sift through trendy and thrifty boutiques and stores to find affordable clothing for any church girl's dream! Whether the goal is to look like popular celebs like Sarah Jakes Roberts, Erica Campbell or Meagan Good, we've got you covered! This can stand alone as a mini-series or online series. See Spec. 



A Look at Christian Celebs on
Red Carpets

On #RedCarpetRundown, we give our viewers a closer look at some of their favorite Christian Celebs and events.  We highlight popular musicians, actors, preachers, pastors as well as local community leaders and game changers.  Fun highlights and moments have been memorable interviews from stars like TD Jakes, DeVon Franklin, Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson and Erica Campbell. 

Christian Entertainment Show

Celebrity, Pop Culture
Time Slot:   Early Evening or Late Evening
Series & Episodes:   Weekly (currently running season 3, 3 episodes)
Run Time:    5mins - 28:30mins
Other:   Active YouTube Channel


#Word on the Street

The Streets are Talking!

People have a lot to say.  Whether they agree or disagree with the hot topics we discuss of the world or church, we hit the streets to hear what they have to say.  Our host, LaCora Stephens put her boots...well, ok, not boots, but her heels to the beat of the streets to get a #word from the community. And the streets never seem to amaze us.

Christian Entertainment Show | Online Series

Celebrity, Pop Culture
Time Slot:   Daytime TV or  Early Evening
Series & Episodes:   Weekly (currently running season 3, 1 episode)
Run Time:    5mins 
Other:   Active YouTube Channel

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Our segments can be so much fun, fashionable and down right filled with drama!

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